Thursday 16 March 2023 - Market Harborough

Leadership Group Meeting hosted by Henderson Connellan

09:00 start

Leadership Group Meeting, chaired by Peter Knight and hosted by Henderson Connellan. The meeting is attended by up to 15 non-competing estate agency members for the purpose of sharing, discussing and collaborating on current issues and ideas.

Speaker Sessions

Why “SMART” Goals DON'T Work!

This session will give delegates an insight as to how top achievers think, behave, and remain so motivated and effective. A fun, challenging and inter-active session.

The session will explore;

  • Just why “smart” goals set us up for mediocrity… AT BEST!
  • How a team based “MASSIVE” goal can create a HUGE return?
  • The two things that top achievers seek, that most of us avoid?
  • How to get … and remain motivated to be more effective
  • Taking ownership of our commitments - Why assumptions hold us back
  • Why we should “look into” successful people and get a mentor
  • Develop a more positive outlook - How just 5-10 mins a day can transform our teams
  • If you had the power to change your outlook … would you?
  • Behavioural Impact - COWS  VS  RHINOS !!!!

Motivational goal setting speaker, presented to over 1.2 million people globally over 23yrs.

Researcher having interviewed 250+ top achievers over 25yrs.

Inst. Sales Management - Lifetime achievement award.

Academy for Chief Executives - Speaker hall of fame.

Vistage - 14yrs speaker service. 

Multiple subject no1 Amazon author.

Former BBC Radio show host.

Motivational goal setting speaker and researcher to over 1.2 MILLION delegates over 23yrs.

Raising aspirations, attainment and creating IMPACT !

"We didn’t just make the Sunday Times Top 100 list... we are officially number 1 on that list! A clean sweep of awards too! Thanks for your part in helping us achieve this milestone! Everyone is still buzzing and we’ve had a record number of enquiries today."

"David’s presentation was a refreshing change from the many positive impact speakers I have seen. His presentation was inspiring, motivational, and should be mandatory."

"Your 'Massive Goals' session for GRS Roadstone’s managers had a massive effect on their confidence and commitment. They are thinking and behaving differently and are applying the learning from your session within their individual day jobs." 

David Hyner

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