Wednesday 15 February 2023 - Leicester Square

Future Leader Group Meeting

09:30 start

Group coaching session with Danielle Nash and speaker, attended by departmental managers on a fast track to become the future business leaders.

Speaker Sessions

The Art of Delegation

Session overview: This session will cover:

  • The one question to ask – every day!
  • What a leader should be doing
  •  Psychological types
  • Motivation and hygiene
  • Leadership styles
  • Delegation and grip
  • Promises.

Malcolm Smith has always believed in the power of people above systems, and that true leadership is about developing business environments that create wealth. His prime focus is on how energy is used in a transaction, whether this be a presentation, sales pitch or negotiation.

His background of science and marketing within industrial groups gives him unique insights into how businesses transact and develop. Today he employs this considerable expertise through a portfolio of non-executive directorships and three owned businesses. Malcolm mentors senior managers on a one-to-one basis, and develops, coaches and speaks to more formal groups around the emotional issues of running a business.

Robust and pragmatic in his approach Malcolm always ensures that people he works with have the right level of challenge and support to make changes and deliver more than they thought they could both for themselves and their businesses. Malcolm is a keynote lecturer on Leadership, Negotiation, Project Management, Consultative Selling and Public Speaking at London Business School, Cambridge University Judge Business School, Cass Business School and Oxford University SAID Business School

Malcolm was Speaker of the Year for Vistage International in 2011 and 2015 and was presented the Long Term Achievement Award from Vistage in 2014. Malcolm has won the Outperformer Award with Vistage every year since 2004.

Specialties: Leadership, Negotiation, Public Speaking, Consultative Selling, Project Management.

Malcolm Smith

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